My Book "Hedge", One Year Later

European Straits #134

Dear all,

It’s been a bit more than one year since I released my book Hedge, which is about inventing a new social Safety Net for the Entrepreneurial Age. Many things have happened over this period, including more than 2,000 copies sold, a few hundred more given away to friends and partners, trips to various countries to discuss the book, and many related pieces of published content.

I’m still behind in what I was planning to work on as a follow-up, notably a series of articles about how entrepreneurs are contributing to inventing this new Safety Net. But I thought this summer issue would be a good opportunity to compile all this Hedge-related content and invite those among you who don’t have a copy yet to buy it 🤗. Please read along and spot the links that interest you 👇

Hedge: A Greater Safety Net for the Entrepreneurial Age

1/ The best way to start is with the three papers that effectively formed the groundwork for writing the book:

2/ Then there are a few issues of this newsletter that I wrote to explain why I wrote the book, what it is about, and the strategy for publishing it:

3/ More recently, I published two articles to expand on what is in the book:

4/ Many friends have supported Hedge with articles and recommendations while also contributing with remarks and critiques. Here’s a selection:

5/ There have been many articles by journalists in various outlets:

6/ I’ve published a few op-eds here and there that relate to what I discuss in the book:

7/ For those of you who like to listen to podcasts 🎙️:

8/ Obviously there are a few videos:

9/ Don’t miss this series of short promotional videos produced by our friend Miranda Bertram:

10/ Finally, if you’d like to get your copy or offer it to a friend, here are the links, depending on where you are:

11/ Let me conclude with a piece of news: I’m happy to announce that a French version of Hedge will be published in February 2020 (tbc) by Odile Jacob (who’s also Barack Obama’s publisher for the French market—just sayin’ 😜). The provisional title (and my favorite to this day) is Nos jours heureux, Un nouveau contrat social pour l’âge entrepreneurial. It’s a direct reference to the legendary Programme of the Conseil National de la Résistance, which was to post-WWII France what the New Deal was to modern America. We’ll probably have a series of conference in Paris and elsewhere in France in the run up to the publication. Stay tuned (at least if you read French 😉🇫🇷)!

🎙️ It’s already listed above, but I recently recorded a podcast with our friend Erik Torenberg of the venture capital firm Village Global. It’s a very long listen (I thought Erik would cut it, but that didn’t happen) and I’m rarely happy with myself in podcast, but I’ve actually received good feedback, so please give it a try! Here it is: Government, Technology, and The New Social Safety Net with Nicolas Colin.

🔮 Our friends at Point Nine Capital in Berlin are hiring a Research Associate. The idea is to have someone full time on researching industries and writing blog posts & reports about the interesting trends happening as software is eating the world. As written by Louis Coppey in the following blog post, it’s an opportunity to become the Benedict Evans of Europe 😜.

🇨🇳 Finally, for those of you who are fluent in Chinese, here is an interview I gave to He Qian, who covers the European tech scene for the leading newspaper in Mainland China The People’s Daily. It’s an in-depth discussion of how Europe could position itself in the global digital economy:

Here are the various newsletters which I sent prior to or after publication of Hedge to explain the project of writing the book, follow up on related discussions, and share a few extracts of the manuscript:

Warm regards (from Normandy, France),