Cycling in European Cities. Readings on Urban Transportation. Thumbs Up/Down.European Straits #234
European Straits #233
Everything Formula 1 w/ Toni Cowan-Brown. Thumbs Up/Down. Summer Recess.European Straits #232
The Future of Work w/ Roy Bahat. VC Firms Going Public. Thumbs Up/Down. Unlocked Archives. European Straits #231
The State of the World w/ Nils Gilman. Thumbs Up/Down. Work-Life Balance Across Cultures.European Straits #230
Empathy at Work w/ Sophie Wade. Upcoming Long Read on Formula 1. Thumbs Up/Down.European Straits #229
The New Palo Alto w/ Saul Klein. Grocery Delivery Startups. Thumbs Up/Down.European Straits #228
Cosmopolitanism w/ Simon Kuper. Thumbs Up/Down for Last Week.European Straits #227
China’s Industry Policy w/ Emily de La Bruyère. Tiger Global in Europe.European Straits #226
How Innovation Works w/ Anton Howes. Diffracted VC. Vaccines in Germany. Productivity.European Straits #225
European Straits | Special Announcement
Today: Digging deeper into the idea of Diffracted Venture Capital and mapping out the categories.